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Gingerbread house DIY

I have done a gingerbread house only once before and let me tell you: it was not a pretty sight 🙂

Although this one is not the prettiest of them all either, it turned out to be quite ok and the kids love it! That’s the main thing! Now all we have to do is try to keep it safe and keep small hands away from it until the end of Xmas, after that they can rip it apart!

I bought one of those ready-made-kits that they sell practically anywhere and since I already had quite a good selection of different sprinkles, I used those.


I have learned that it is best to decorate the parts while they are not yet attached to each other, so that is what I did: DSC_0023-vert

Here is the end product! You have to be very careful with the hot sugar that you use as a glue to put the house together, but otherwise it was almost easy 🙂


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Testing the pens: Stabilo Easy Ergonomics

As a Buzzador I have promised to tell you more about these Stabilo EASYergonomics expert – products, that I already posted about! We tested with the kids and especially the second-grader loved these! She is left handed and sometimes finds it really hard to draw or write for longer periods: her hand gets tired and she wants to take many breaks even during her homework.

Her opinions of the pens: IMG_0061

– I like these pens, because it is easy to hold them
– my hand does not get so tired
– I like the coloring pencils especially!

My comments:
– The pens seem to be of a good quality
– the design is very good: you can tell that there has been kids actually involved, when developing these, the size and the design is very suitable for a small hand.
– I googled and foud out, that the prize is quite affordable, so we will probably buy these again: well worth the money

#stabilobuzz #stabilo #buzzador

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Buzzador / Stabilo EASYergonomics experts -products


Me and the kiddos were very happy to participate in #Buzzador campaign of Stabilo EASYergonomics experts -products! We got three packages of pencils for right handed and three for left handed and luckily we do have both in our family! Our preschooler is right handed and the 2nd grader is left handed.

Our aim is to test and tell you all the results of these products that are ergonomically designed to help little ones to write and draw. Your hand is not supposed to get so tired and the grip of your pen is supposed to be better, let’s see what happens! I will keep you posted!

Should you want to become a Buzzador or get to know more, please go to address:

#buzzador #stabilo #easyergonomics

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Christmas cards

This year we are making all the Christmas cards with the girls. Here you can see few quick ideas we came up with!
We used some Washi-tape, sparkling paper, gelpencil in shade of silver and some glittery “diamonds”, also had two types of ribbon, but you can use what ever you can find to make your own, handmade cards.
You are free to use the ideas on your non-commercial Christmas cards, just leave a comment!

DSC_0003 (2)DSC_0004 (2) DSC_0007 (2) DSC_0009 DSC_0011

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Me&I 2014 : colorful and lovely!

Me&I is one of my all time favorite brands for kids clothing: these are practical, safe and colorful clothes that mostly are suitable for both boys and girls and they also have great collection for women.
The new fall ’14 collection is out: me&I. I had a house-party for my quests: I asked a few friends to come over and had my trusted presenter show us the new collection. At the same time we can enjoy tea, coffee and a little something sweet. These are always even more lovely “live”, so I ended up with quite a few shirts, a pair of pants and a dress for myself!

ki14 ki15

ki19  ki22

ki51 ki53


wo79 wo81
* this is not a paid commercial, I really do like these 🙂 and have been a loyal customer for years!

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denim outfit

denim outfit